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Below are some samples of my writing. These samples are divided into the following categories: academic writing, business writing and work reports. Click on the categories located at the right of the page to find different types of articles and reports displaying different writing styles. Note that the useful resources category comprises workshop and seminar materials that I attended and I take no credit for the creation of the content in that category.

GameDay Management Group Work Report

On July 27, 2013, by Cliff Lin

Company and Department Profiles

GameDay Management Group is an international company that offers an array of first-rate services, such as transportation planning, operation planning, logistical planning and implementation, and cost-reduction strategizing. In the winter of 2010, GameDay Management collaborated with the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) in order to bring about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. During this collaboration, GameDay Management Group hosted events and planned venue transportation. I held a job as a dispatcher at the Marine and Boundary Depot. The dispatch division is the largest department in the entire depot, with over a hundred staff members. The objective of a dispatcher is to transfer scheduling information between the buses and the various departments.

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Ma Foi Foundation Work Report

On March 17, 2013, by Cliff Lin

Company Profile

The Ma Foi Foundation, one of the most well-known social organizations in Southern India, is a humanitarian group that strives to provide education to the poor, empower women, and seek talents. It is branch under The Ma Foi Management Group, which is a human resource company that head hunts executives or provide solutions for any HR problems other companies may have. The reason that The Ma Foi Foundation is created is because the Indian government provides incentives for companies to do social work. Therefore, even though the foundation focuses on social work, all workers are paid, except for the interns. The foundation is further divided up into several branches that focus on different issues. Disha Initiative focuses on providing scholarship for the poor to finish their studies. Dish Sports Academy focuses physical activities such as boxing and “football” (soccer in American English). Ekam Initiative focuses on empowering women, which includes providing funds for women to open shops or lease equipment since it is tremendously difficult for women to find jobs in India.

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