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What is Social Media Marketing?

April 8, 2014Cliff Lin

Social Media Marketing is a term that defines the idea of gaining traffic and attracting visitors for your page by using social media sites.

The social media term refers to all kinds of social networks and sites, each of them with its own particularities. While Twitter is a network where usually people post short updates and messages, Facebook is much more complex because it allows you to share with people a wider variety of activities, pleasures, messages, music videos etc.

The search tool is basically the most important when it comes to social sites. People search for other persons, for activities, for news stories and all kind of stuff to entertain them or make their lives easier. You may also find links to important SEO sites, articles and companies.

Social Media Marketing’s purpose is to attract users in order to encourage them to their messages using social networks. It is a mouth-to-mouth form of marketing and it is very beneficial because people are more likely to be interested in a specific project when they heard about it from a friend or a person they know, than to see an advertise with the product.

This platform is easily accessible for every individual who can dispose of Internet access. Increased communications for a company increases the brand awareness and usually can improve customer service. Beside the fact that social networks are very visited by all kinds of people, they are also free for any user or company who want to join it.

A social site is a personal area for every individual. This is why by promoting your products or services of such a site, you have all the chances to be seen much better by any possible buyers. People have the possibility to express their opinion about specific marketing campaigns and also read other people’s impressions without having doubts if the messages are sincere or not.

Blogs are another way for Social Media Marketing to start their activity on. Due to the quality of their contents, these sites have succeeded to lead enormous marketing campaigns and even building a cult around their areas of activity.

Marketing made through social networks sites is actually far from being simple. You must know a lot about online marketing and have experience in this area because it is important to be aware of what your possible clients are looking for and how to make them attracted by your products.

Using professional software, you can make Internet analyzes and try to observe in which way you can make your campaign much more profitable.

Mobile phones constitute the newest and one of the most beneficial methods of making advertise. A mobile phone can be used in real time and in any possible place by its user and could provide him many useful information and updates about products that might interest him. This is why marketers should consider the mobile phones method of advertising a much more promising one.

Cliff Lin

Cliff Lin

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