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Twitter Marketing 101

February 21, 2014Cliff Lin

Online marketing is the best way to attract potential customers through the website and enables the formation of a brand of products and services.

With about 100 million users, Twitter is invaluable in terms of online marketing if there are adopted the appropriate measures and strategies for this network.

There are a few essential elements you need to customize before you start your marketing campaign on Twitter. First, customize your design background (to reflect the brand you’re advertising), write a short but concise, comprehensive and compelling biography. Use an interesting profile picture or an expressive graphic logo because people need to connect with a person or entity close to them, not with an abstract profile. Last but not least, always have in mind that people click Follow button due to your latest tweets, so try to post only captivating Tweets.

Although the limitation of 140 characters/tweet could be considered as an important limitation of marketing strategies that a company would like to implement, the strategic use of this rule can turn into a real public relations department. Your online rubric on Twitter can become an extension of the blog your company owns. This is the best solution to send readers to the blog and implicitly to the marketing site. On the other hand, people voluntarily choose to access the site being interested in the subject.

Meanwhile, Twitter gives you the chance to know your followers. You can follow on Twitter what are the interests, lifestyle, educational level or the type of communication preferred of those who follow you. When these data are combined, you can build, in general, a character who has to create an advertisement. When you have personalized information about people who you talk to, you can use certain words used by them in their field, or some elements of which they are attached in your ads trying to catch their attention, to gain confidence and develop a link between you and your Twitter follower. One way to build your list of followers is to place one button “follow us on Twitter” on your blog, newsletter, website, forum, etc.. Also, Twitter allows you to be promoted by others too, using the Retweet button.

After you have created a list of followers, get in touch with them through messages. But do not abuse of messages and try not to promote your product or service from the first time. Firstly, send a message to thank your follower-communities and even ask them what they want to learn from your Twitter page. In this way you create a relationship of trust and loyalty by the fact that you’re always facing what they need. Twitter offers the option to search by topic; you can monitor any tweets that refer to a particular domain. Participate in Twitter chat on those channels that are related to your field.

Cliff Lin

Cliff Lin

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Cliff is an Internet Marketing guru with extensive experience in ecommerce and internet marketing roles. He has solid small business background, successful ecommerce experience, and internet marketing expertise. He is capable of implementing the latest interactive marketing tools for company, as well as backend information systems to maximize efficiency.

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