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What is Pinterest Marketing

February 21, 2014Cliff Lin

Even if you use Twitter and / or Facebook for advertising, this does not mean you should ignore other market opportunities. One of them is Pinterest, the photographic platform that can be used effectively to promote your startup.

Pinterest is a combination of a bookmarking site and a “virtual panel” that allows users to insert (“pin”) images and videos in different categories (“Boards”). Access is, as in other social networks based on user accounts and password, configured separately for this network or transferred from Facebook or Twitter. Visitors can copy (“Repin”), comment or judge (“like”) the visualized material. Pinterest is easy to use. After you get an account, just install the browser button (Pin It) and then you start pinteresting. You come cross a photo or video that you like? Just click “Pin It” and immediately add it to a board (“folder”) in your account.

Using Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business is a great way to increase your website traffic and more importantly, to convert traffic into sales. You must be careful how you use the platform because some formulas are not as effective as others.

• Here’s how you can use Pinterest phenomenon in the advantage of your brand:

Include pictures on every page and every post.
Pinterest is based on images, if a page does not contain an image or photo, no one will be able to recommend it on Pinterest, no matter how interesting the article would be.

• Register your brand or business.
• Optimize your account.

Take advantage of the options offered by this platform profile and add links to other social media accounts and websites. Fill in your information biography, using keywords in the description.

• Create Boards that reflect brand personality.
• Include links visible to all social profiles you have. Add the “Pin it” button on the homepage and for every posting.
• Follow the relevant users.
• Brand your images.
• Use pointers and links.
• Interact with other Pinterest users
• Gather ideas from the trend pins and use them in your own images. Analyze your numbers.

Because it is a project based on visualizing, Pinterest has different marketing rules than other social networks – this is why the mavens strategy works the best. Users are considering re-pin-ining as a form of identify themselves with these images, videos or infographics. This is not the same as resending a tweet or like a post on Facebook. This means that any company that wants to make advertising on Pinterest should use images that consumers can identify with. You don’t have to highlight your product firstly, you have to choose the right images that could attract your potential clients, images representative for them. So post pleasant images.

Pinterest is a place where the picture says a lot and attracts “subscribers”, which increases the chances of redistribution of the content and brings more traffic.

Cliff Lin

Cliff Lin

Internet Marketer

Cliff is an Internet Marketing guru with extensive experience in ecommerce and internet marketing roles. He has solid small business background, successful ecommerce experience, and internet marketing expertise. He is capable of implementing the latest interactive marketing tools for company, as well as backend information systems to maximize efficiency.

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