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Below are some samples of my writing. These samples are divided into the following categories: academic writing, business writing and work reports. Click on the categories located at the right of the page to find different types of articles and reports displaying different writing styles. Note that the useful resources category comprises workshop and seminar materials that I attended and I take no credit for the creation of the content in that category.

What is Organic Search?

March 25, 2014Cliff Lin

The Internet has the advantage to be able to collect in a single place information that can satisfy our need to be informed. It’s an accessible place to every person who has a computer connected to internet. Search Engines are especially created to facilitate methods to help us find answers. Search Engines returns search results to the searches that we make according to relevant algorithms.

Organic Search is a process which helps internet users to find their desired sites. For example, when you’re typing a word in the Search Engine and you press “Search”, you’ll get a search list. It is practically the search that you must not pay for, it’s generated by different methods of site optimization. On the other side of the barrier, there are the paid searches, which are the results of winning some keyword auction in Google AdWords or simply some temporary campaigns.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

March 25, 2014Cliff Lin

Social Media Marketing is a term that defines the idea of gaining traffic and attracting visitors for your page by using social media sites.

The social media term refers to all kinds of social networks and sites, each of them with its own particularities. While Twitter is a network where usually people post short updates and messages, Facebook is much more complex because it allows you to share with people a wider variety of activities, pleasures, messages, music videos etc.

The search tool is basically the most important when it comes to social sites. People search for other persons, for activities, for news stories and all kind of stuff to entertain them or make their lives easier. You may also find links to important SEO sites, articles and companies.

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What is Pinterest Marketing

February 21, 2014Cliff Lin

Even if you use Twitter and / or Facebook for advertising, this does not mean you should ignore other market opportunities. One of them is Pinterest, the photographic platform that can be used effectively to promote your startup.

Pinterest is a combination of a bookmarking site and a “virtual panel” that allows users to insert (“pin”) images and videos in different categories (“Boards”). Access is, as in other social networks based on user accounts and password, configured separately for this network or transferred from Facebook or Twitter. Visitors can copy (“Repin”), comment or judge (“like”) the visualized material. Pinterest is easy to use. After you get an account, just install the browser button (Pin It) and then you start pinteresting. You come cross a photo or video that you like? Just click “Pin It” and immediately add it to a board (“folder”) in your account.

Using Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business is a great way to increase your website traffic and more importantly, to convert traffic into sales. You must be careful how you use the platform because some formulas are not as effective as others.

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Twitter Marketing 101

February 21, 2014Cliff Lin

Online marketing is the best way to attract potential customers through the website and enables the formation of a brand of products and services.

With about 100 million users, Twitter is invaluable in terms of online marketing if there are adopted the appropriate measures and strategies for this network.

There are a few essential elements you need to customize before you start your marketing campaign on Twitter. First, customize your design background (to reflect the brand you’re advertising), write a short but concise, comprehensive and compelling biography. Use an interesting profile picture or an expressive graphic logo because people need to connect with a person or entity close to them, not with an abstract profile. Last but not least, always have in mind that people click Follow button due to your latest tweets, so try to post only captivating Tweets.

Although the limitation of 140 characters/tweet could be considered as an important limitation of marketing strategies that a company would like to implement, the strategic use of this rule can turn into a real public relations department. Your online rubric on Twitter can become an extension of the blog your company owns. This is the best solution to send readers to the blog and implicitly to the marketing site. On the other hand, people voluntarily choose to access the site being interested in the subject.

Meanwhile, Twitter gives you the chance to know your followers. You can follow on Twitter what are the interests, lifestyle, educational level or the type of communication preferred of those who follow you. When these data are combined, you can build, in general, a character who has to create an advertisement. When you have personalized information about people who you talk to, you can use certain words used by them in their field, or some elements of which they are attached in your ads trying to catch their attention, to gain confidence and develop a link between you and your Twitter follower. One way to build your list of followers is to place one button “follow us on Twitter” on your blog, newsletter, website, forum, etc.. Also, Twitter allows you to be promoted by others too, using the Retweet button.

After you have created a list of followers, get in touch with them through messages. But do not abuse of messages and try not to promote your product or service from the first time. Firstly, send a message to thank your follower-communities and even ask them what they want to learn from your Twitter page. In this way you create a relationship of trust and loyalty by the fact that you’re always facing what they need. Twitter offers the option to search by topic; you can monitor any tweets that refer to a particular domain. Participate in Twitter chat on those channels that are related to your field.

Performance Management for Air Canada

December 31, 2013Cliff Lin

3758 – 282 Street • Vancouver, B.C., Canada • V3L 8R6
Tel: 604-253-3904 • Fax: 604-253-3900

August 10, 2010

Calin Rovinescu
President and Chief Executive Officer
Air Canada Inc.
7373 Cote-Vertu Boulevard West
Saint-Laurent, Quebec

Dear Mr. Rovinescu:


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Because I Could Not Stop For Death

April 16, 2013Cliff Lin

Emily Dickinson’s “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” is quite different from other poems dealing with the topic of death and mortality. Her perception of death is not as horrifying as conceived by most people. This can be seen through her effective use of poetic devices. Dickinson also tries to convey her thoughts about life and death in this poem. The main purpose of this poem is to persuade the readers that death is not something to be afraid of; it is inevitable, and once we overcome our fear, we will realize that death is merely a gateway to eternity.

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The Love Predator

April 16, 2013Cliff Lin

“To His Coy Mistress,” by Andrew Marvell, is a bittersweet poem that illustrates both the charm and the transience of youthful attractiveness. The speaker attempts to persuade his beloved that now is the best time to begin a romance. The woman he loves is at the peak of her beauty; moreover, she has maintained her virtue. According to the speaker, it would be a shame not to take advantage of her good looks and honorable status. Once time has diminished her appeal, her hand in marriage will not be sought after. Through the use of a narrator whose primary focus is to woo a woman quickly, without having to resort to prolonged courtship, Marvell exposes the shallow, appearance-based aspects of romantic love. At the same time, the poet mocks the fickleness of flowery suitors and, indeed, the tradition of courtship altogether. Finally, Marvell reveals how assumptions can delude a starry-eyed lover into believing that his words will be welcomed by the object of his desire. In accomplishing these literary goals, Marvell manages to amuse the reader through extravagant imagery and hyperbolic declarations of love.

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Anomie and Social Disorganization Theories: The Turning Point in Criminology

April 16, 2013Cliff Lin

The establishment of the Chicago School changed the face of criminology and sociology forever. Prior to the work of the Chicago School thinkers, the propensity toward criminal behavior was assumed to be passed on genetically. Instead of viewing criminality as inherited, proponents of the Chicago School saw crime as a product of social disharmony (Williams and McShane, 2004, p.56). One of the most well-known theories of the Chicago School, the social disorganization theory, is an expansion of Robert Park’s (1864-1944) and Ernest Burgess’ (1886-1966) concentric ring theory, which states that cities are composed of many zones, the outer of which are more desirable than the inner. The social disorganization theory analyzes each zone and confirms that the inner zone is indeed problematic. Cities are far too complex to enable individuals to establish indestructible bonds. This “weakening of primary social relationships” is the essence of social disorganization. At the same time, the anomie theory, first established by Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) and later elaborated on by Robert Merton (1910-2003), addresses the chaotic structure of society, which the theorists refer to as a crime-producing factory.

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