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Below are some samples of my writing. These samples are divided into the following categories: academic writing, business writing and work reports. Click on the categories located at the right of the page to find different types of articles and reports displaying different writing styles. Note that the useful resources category comprises workshop and seminar materials that I attended and I take no credit for the creation of the content in that category.

Track Digital Marketing Results Through UTM Codes

April 15, 2016Cliff Lin

As a marketer, it’s really important to understand your website’s social referrals. With differing figures between social media platforms and some ambiguity in Google Analytics, it’s time to implement something that tracks social traffic accurately, the specific post or campaign it came from, and what the user did when they got to the site.

Google Analytics can interpret codes in the form of UTM tracking. UTM codes are a sequence of variables that can be added to incoming URLs which are understood by GA and can be reported on within the GA dashboard. This allows us to track multiple links on different platforms and channels and compare performance easily.

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How to Engage with Millennials

March 20, 2016Cliff Lin

Millennials — an entire generation of individuals who have not known a world without constant connectivity. Their phones have always been smart and Facebook had already connected everything around them. The internet isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity and anything they want—from information to products–are no more than a click away.

They are born into a time where access to digital technology is a given, as opposed to older generations who had to grapple and adjust to these technological advancements. They crave immediacy, with technology responding to them at the speed of need. So it’s safe to assume that what makes an impression on the Gen Ys, Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers, barely registers a blip on a Millennial’s mind.

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Market Research in the 21st Century

February 15, 2016Cliff Lin

Market research is a very powerful tool in any type of business. Through research, business owners would have a solid groundwork for product launches and very accurate assistance in predicting potential income. Research is also important because most businesses use the information these yield to ensure that they are going with the right marketing strategy.

This is the reason that business owners always try to keep up with the trends in market research. From back when everything is heavy on traditional media and the pen-and-paper methodology up until today when the game is strong on digital media, research is still one of the essential playing factors of any type of business.

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Crafting Customer-Centric Marketing Campaigns For Your Brand

January 30, 2016Cliff Lin

Customers are 90% what makes a company. It does not matter if a company or a brand has impeccable quality or an attractive business model. When there are no customers to serve, the business goes down the drain. This is exactly why businesses should have an overriding, conscious effort to be customer-centric.

In reality, being customer-centric is something every business does whether they are aware of it or not. These days, though, being a so-called “silently customer-centric” brand no longer works, especially with the onset of digitalisation. Everyone is online now, which means there is an open relationship between brands and customers.

Predictably, then, businesses now try to craft marketing campaigns that are customer-centric. These campaigns are fairly easy to launch because it is the objectives, not the strategies, that differ. Here are the basic principles for creating customer-centric campaigns:

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What is Pay-Per-Click?

December 1, 2015Cliff Lin

Pay Per Click, abbreviated PPC, is method to do online marketing through which payments to publishers and to the specific network are made per click. In other words, the advertising is paid only when visitors access the ads by clicking on them.

Thus, Pay Per Click is a tool in online advertising. It is an Internet advertising model that uses search engines and content sites, such as blogs, where advertisers only pay the hosting of the advertising if the link posted is accessed by visitors.

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What is Content Marketing?

November 20, 2015Cliff Lin

The content marketing is, undoubtedly, the subject of the year for the companies which active in the social media area.

The content marketing is the marketing technique of creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract, obtain and captivate a target audience very well established and acquainted – with the purpose to stimulate profitable selling actions. Content marketing doesn’t mean a presentation of  products and services, it means the distribution of some information that help the buyer.

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Fundamentals to Keyword Research

October 17, 2015Cliff Lin

Keyword Research refers to the process of research, analysis and preparation of a report containing the right keywords used for on-page optimization in order to attract organic traffic, improve user experience through the use of synonyms, and the achievement of an effective link building campaign.

The most important aspect in the process of research and analysis is finding the right keywords.

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Google Tools for Beginners

September 2, 2015Cliff Lin

Even if you love Google or you don’t use it and don’t agree with its practices, one thing it’s very clear and Google must be appreciated for it: Google provides its user a wide variety of free tools. You only have to log in into an account in order to have full access to such useful tools. Marketers use these tools to improve their business and make analyzes that help them become familiar with the market and the customer’s behavior.

Next, we will present you some of the most important Google tools for marketers.

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What is Link Building?

August 7, 2015Cliff Lin

Link building is essentially creating an entire network of links that will direct users to your website. This service must not miss from any SEO strategy. Search engines position much better the sites that have benefited from a correctly done link building.

A website optimization campaign relies mostly on link building, signifying the links that a site has to the outside, to other sites, forums, blogs and social networks. Like searches, it can be paid or organic. Organic link building software, called by specialists SEO natural link building, is considered more valuable and offers credibility to a website in Google search algorithm.

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What is Google Penguin?

July 10, 2015Cliff Lin

On April 24 2012, Google gave birth to a new algorithm update system named Google Penguin. The update’s purpose is to penalize websites that doesn’t respect Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, protecting the anti-spam policy. Briefly, Google Penguin sanctions any kind of tentative of hyper-optimization like the following:

  • The title meta-tag constructed by a series of key words, without necessarily being suggestive for visitors. Google Penguin firstly chooses the pages with short, concise and informative titles.
  • Textual content made exclusively for search engines without containing a pertinent information.
  • The pages saturated by advertising.
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