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Below are some samples of my writing. These samples are divided into the following categories: academic writing, business writing and work reports. Click on the categories located at the right of the page to find different types of articles and reports displaying different writing styles. Note that the useful resources category comprises workshop and seminar materials that I attended and I take no credit for the creation of the content in that category.

How Does Inbound Marketing Help Your Business Grow?

June 12, 2015Cliff Lin

Some companies don’t know what is inbound marketing and refuse to admit it. In using inbound marketing, you are given a strategic methodology that is made to generate prospects that generates your business to high-end sales. Here are a few reasons why inbound marketing is good for your business:

Easy Job for the Sales and Marketing Team

Combining the sales and marketing could be an advantage. One of these benefits is creating powerful contents for the prospects. Consumers require a product information, process of delivering the products. This would eventually leads to sales.

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Marketing Automation: What It Can Do to Help Your Business Succeed?

May 14, 2015Cliff Lin

Regardless of what type of business you have, it is proven that marketing is its lifeblood. Though you may have the most amazing products, it is imperative to target the right consumers to close the deal.

If you are under this mission, you may more likely needing to have a marketing automation tool not only to reach the right customers, but also improve, grow, and succeed.

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Marketing Attribution Model: The Benefits and Best Practices

April 27, 2015Cliff Lin

Ever wondering what marketing attribution model is? What benefits it gives to your company? What are the best practices applicable so you can achieve the best possible result in your sales and marketing efforts? Then we will teach you the things you deserve to understand through this post.

What is Marketing Attribution Model?

Many marketers are asking what marketing attribution model is. Simply put, it is a value or credit being assigned to given touchpoints of marketing. At the simplest idea, it is the science of how you determine the media or the marketing-driving revenue. Furthermore, at the most complex perspective, marketing attribution is considered as the line that links the sales and marketing data – a credit allocation for the activities of engagement or conversion.
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Digital Marketing: Why Entrepreneurs Need It?

March 11, 2015Cliff Lin

The internet that involves using social media, emails, blogs, ads and much more are part of digital marketing. In today’s Information age, computers, gadgets and mobile devices play a great role in helping a business achieve success. Digital marketing makes the process of advertising and customer service faster and efficient.

Whether you have a small and big business, digital marketing gives you a guarantee of a faster and better service to customers and potential clients. Therefore, if you are determined to make successful process on your business, here are few important reasons digital marketing that can help.
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Importance of SEO

February 2, 2015Cliff Lin

Reaching your target market, increasing your revenues, and boosting your clients will be a reality thru Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The moment you leverage your search engine ranking, all of your dreams and goals will come to life. Within just a click of a mouse, you will stand out from your competition.

Whether you are disinterested or hesitant, here are some of the benefits that SEO gives. Take a brief look at the following.

Create a More User-friendly Site

As a startup, create a website to reach your possible customers. If you are unaware on how to get started, why not take reputable service providers out there. But select the one that has an incredible background in SEO. With that thought in mind, having a better, friendlier, and a faster site will be achievable.

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Programmatic Marketing Essentials

January 9, 2015Cliff Lin

The perks of programmatic marketing are increasingly relevant in today’s content-saturated digital world. Marketers require their ads to be personalized, targeted and engaging whenever, yet they are reaching out to consumers and even though a huge deal of this targeting occurs via online tools, programmatic marketing takes it to another level.

If you are not allocating pieces of your ad budget to programmatic marketing, you might be eager to discover what exactly it is, and how this can aid your business. Simply put, programmatic marketing is a type of advertising, which removes the middle man. Thus, instead of negotiating and liaising with people, it is all done through machines – or a DSP (demand-side platform). It sounds quite technical; however, this enables you to organize multiple ad exchanges as well as data exchange accounts via one platform.
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Why is Outbound Marketing Important to a Business?

December 29, 2014Cliff Lin

Spreading the word about a new product or a service has been a big challenge among businesses. This has resulted in the development of marketing as a whole, which remains a top dilemma pondered by service providers and other professionals out there.

While a broad range of approaches has come and gone, outbound marketing has been a tried and effective strategy since then. Unlike other techniques out there, it attempts to initiate a conversation about a business thru making a buzz online and offline. With the use of old school and non-traditional advertising techniques, small or large companies can get the most out of it.
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Essential Criteria for Call to Action

November 11, 2014Cliff Lin

Never let possible clients have doubts about what is the purpose of your landing page. The landing page Call to action text is the first message addressed to the visitor who just arrived on your page. It must contain an urge that tells the user what to do once he got there, for example: to buy your product or service, to download an ebook, to call you on the phone or to subscribe a newsletter etc.

Make your Call to Action message very clear and make sure the visitor will understand the whole general idea of your page in just a few moments after reading the text.
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Measure the Success of Landing Pages

October 5, 2014Cliff Lin

A marketing campaign which results are not measured could never get evolved by its owner because they are not aware by the stadium their business is. Be responsible for the development of your landing page and you will gain huge success.

There are a lot of analytic kinds of software like Site Catalyst (which is internal), and For the last two you must pay in order to own them. These programs will help you obtain immediate results for a wide range of analyzes by simply adding a series of code fragments to your landing page. The software will help you build theories and make professional reports about what should be changed in your campaign in order to improve its quality.

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Facebook Marketing for Dummies

September 19, 2014Cliff Lin

Facebook could also be used as an excellent tool for online businesses. Any company should have a website and focus their attention on email marketing or another advertising methods, but it is very important to own a Facebook page too because it is the biggest social network on the world where you can practically find any types of persons, activities and interests you are looking for. Using facebook you have the advantage of meeting possible clients but also have the chance to make them become customers.

Using Facebook you can have access to an enormous amount of useful information. This kind of information could help you get closer to your clients and understanding the way they think and they act, their needs and desires.
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