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What is Organic Search?

March 25, 2014Cliff Lin

The Internet has the advantage to be able to collect in a single place information that can satisfy our need to be informed. It’s an accessible place to every person who has a computer connected to internet. Search Engines are especially created to facilitate methods to help us find answers. Search Engines returns search results to the searches that we make according to relevant algorithms.

Organic Search is a process which helps internet users to find their desired sites. For example, when you’re typing a word in the Search Engine and you press “Search”, you’ll get a search list. It is practically the search that you must not pay for, it’s generated by different methods of site optimization. On the other side of the barrier, there are the paid searches, which are the results of winning some keyword auction in Google AdWords or simply some temporary campaigns.

So the results page of a search engine is divided into two sections: AdWords paid search and the organic search. Organic searches are relevant web pages which appear in the search engine pages as an answer of the search made by the user.

This organic search is generated by implantation of some SEO techniques carefully chosen and measured. This process is complex, it needs an audit before and after the campaign and changes the structure, the content and the code of a site, but also the outside links network. During the optimization, not all the methods have the same results in the organic search list because search algorithms are changing and, in the same time with them, the competition may increase or decrease. Keyword Research, the keyword list associated to a brand, has an important role in the results of the organic search. The above mentioned audit emphasize in most of the situations very precise and useful information in future steps, and one of the aspects that should be noted and watched are the conversion percentages on keywords, meaning the part of users that became clients. According to these analyzes, some of key words could be removed and never used again, while other combinations of words can be used to optimize the search.

Also, relevant for the organic search is the content generated for SEO articles, site or blog because if it’s up-to-date, useful and correct, the users will be satisfied by the information and they will remember the brand. This way, it can be determinate a particular type of organic search, called Brand Search, which signify the number of search of the brand name, associated or not with a keyword. In this way, it can be quantified the increase of a brand popularity and the most representative keywords.

The site optimization for the search engines only affects the positioning in the organic search results, and not the paid or the “sponsored” results like Google AdWords. The results are impartial and are not generated by paid advertising.

In conclusion, the organic search is the essence of the practices of optimizing a website, inspiring more confidence to the users than the paid search.

Cliff Lin

Cliff Lin

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